Our Mission In Practice

One Challenge's role is to act as motivators and mobilisers. We influence others to active engagement in the Great Commission.

It is to church leaders God sends us. As we mobilise them to action, we want to ensure that they are godly and effective. Such leaders have the greatest impact upon the church, the center of our vision. We include all Christian leaders who contribute to the health of the church and to the discipling of the nation.

All of this is aimed at the ultimate goal, to reach all nations. The ‘end’ of our ministry is the church engaged in the Great Commission. Our mission is accomplished when national leaders have accepted the responsibility for their own (and each other’s) spiritual and leadership development, and have moved passionately into identifying and accomplishing their God-given role in taking the Gospel to all nations.

Our Mission In Brief

One Challenge understands this to be our role as we work to see our vision become reality.


To mobilise

godly and effective church leaders

to reach all nations