Our Vision

One Challenge has a vision; it pulls us forward as we work to see the vision become reality. We believe God gave us this vision so we may know what it is we are given to do.



Healthy Churches

Working Together

To Reach All Nations

Jesus Christ's Church

The church belongs to Jesus Christ, he promised to build it. At the end of time, Jesus will have a perfect church, described as a beautiful bride in Revelation 21. The lives of disciples down here are being transformed into his image (2 Corinthians 3:18 NIV) as Christ's character is formed in us.

Healthy churches nurture their people, bound together in the love of Jesus, looking out over a needy world and holding forth the word of life by service, witness and proclamation.

The Gospel is a message of reconciliation -- first of God to his people -- and then between people. As barriers fall, so collaboration on Christ's business should grow, along with trust, respect and love.

Healthy churches working together must surely have a greater impact on this world. God is glorified as the church grows, and individuals and communities are transformed.